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Mountain House Homes For Sale
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Your satisfaction is GUARANTEED in writing!  If you're not completely happy with a home I helped you purchase, let me know within 12 months of purchasing and I'll sell it for you without charging a listing fee and help you buy a house you ARE happy with.

In addition, the market is heating up and we're seeing multiple offers again. When you're in a multiple offer situation for a house you LOVE, you want to know you're working with the best agent possible.  My guarantee to you is that if you write an offer on a house and follow my advice, but your offer is not accepted, I'll pay you $1000 from my commission on the next house we write an offer on.  If you don't get that house, I'll pay you $2000 on the next house, and so on up to $10,000 on the 11th house.  But we'll never get to that point, my buyers get their first offer accepted over 90% of the time when they follow my advice!

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